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Inflatable Body Balloon

Inflatable Body Balloon

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Versatile and fun, this sauna sack offers a unique experience. With a neck of only 7" wide it can be tricky to get into, but once inside it envelopes you in a smooth casing of soft latex. Place one foot in at a time and use either powder or water based lube to help you slip inside. Stretch the balloon gently prior to use, and keep it away from sharp objects like fingernails or jewelry at all times. Rinsing the inside of the balloon with water before entry can make the latex more durable during use. Use common sense, latex is a delicate fabric. For more information, view our latex care product guide. This sack is excellent for immobilization as it greatly restricts movement. Always keep your head safely outside the sack. This balloon can also be inflated to a huge size and tied off like a regular balloon for interesting displays. We are not responsible for misuse of this item. 

The latex in these balloons can become a little stuff during shipment. For the best results, place your balloon in a pillowcase and put it in the dryer on the "air" setting for 10 minutes prior to use.

Unstretched Measurements- Diameter: 23" Neck: 7" long, 5.5" wide

Never place your head inside your sauna sack without careful supervision

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