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Vacuum Bed

Vacuum Bed

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Take your rubber fantasies to the next level with our complete latex vacuum bed! Slide your willing play partner into the bed, pose them in any position and watch as the vacuum suction compresses the latex against their body, resulting in complete body immobilization and the incomparable sight of the human form completely encased in latex. This vacuum bed is a must have tool for the adventurous latex lover! It offers an experience like no other, fulfilling your deepest desires from restraint to sensory deprivation.


Made of a high quality 14 gauge latex, this bed was made to last through many uses with proper care. It measures 40" across and 70" long, and has a strong PVC framework included. It features a full length zipper for easy in/out, and two reinforced holes: one for breathing and one at the genital area. This is a quality bed made in Europe, and we have the lowest prices anywhere!

Please be sure to read our entire Vac Bed Guide before purchasing or using this item. Vacuum not included.

Now available in COLORS! Special order only, may take 4-6 weeks to arrive.

Shipped Priority Mail in the US for $33.00, Canada for $79.00, and Overseas for $99.00

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